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RT @KNX1070: The Rams are unexpectedly coming home to Los Angeles, Monday, November 19, to battle the Kansas City Chiefs.…

6:51pm Nov 13 2018 —

sometimes, while reading an article on my phone, an ad pops in and covers up text; not good

6:39pm Nov 13 2018 —

RT @RepGallagher: As I wrote in @TheAtlantic, Congress cannot get anything done because it is not equipped to get anything done. We must re…

3:32pm Nov 13 2018 —

Tina Quigley: 18 new businesses in @DowntownDePere in 2018 (only 3 left); always something happening in @DePere

12:48pm Nov 13 2018 —

Mayor Walsh expects construction to begin on southern bridge in 2026 @DePere

12:30pm Nov 13 2018 —

Mayor Walsh is now speaking at State of the City event at @stnorbert in @depere; “De Pere Runs Deeper”

12:16pm Nov 13 2018 —

listening to @bjbruess speak at State of the City event at @stnorbert in @depere; “De Pere Runs Deeper”

12:12pm Nov 13 2018 —

RT @sncGOP: heading back home 115 miles north of @UWM; thanks for stopping in @benshapiro; we hope you enjoyed this visit to Wisconsin bett…

8:31pm Nov 12 2018 —

according to my @sncGOP watch, it’s one minute to @benshapiro at @UWM

7:00pm Nov 12 2018 —

RT @sncGOP: eagerly waiting for @benshapiro in rows 5 & 6 at @UWM @yaf

6:27pm Nov 12 2018 —