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looks like Green Bay Mayor Schmitt is about to tell every community in Brown County, “screw you”

8:35pm Jun 19 2017 —

Brown County Taxpayers Assoc focus on GB city council doesn’t sound like “countywide organization…who take seriou…

7:06am Jun 19 2017 —

I wonder why no one from Brown County Taxpayers Assoc appeared at @DePereWI council mtg on 5/16 when we voted on @BrownWIExec sales tax plan

7:04am Jun 19 2017 —

I wonder why Brown County Taxpayers Assoc letter about @BrownWIExec sales tax plan wasn’t sent to @DePereWI city council, or other boards

7:02am Jun 19 2017 —

RT @BizTechMagazine: How to Make Your Passwords More Secure

12:03pm Jun 18 2017 —

hmm, so how does a real life long Packer fan go about getting a share of stock these days?

11:58am Jun 18 2017 —

RT @NPR: When does a Dad joke become a Dad joke?

When it becomes apparent.

9:35am Jun 18 2017 —

here you go Sandy:

11:45pm Jun 17 2017 —

it’s a shame they got all that snow on the ground; typical Lambeau

7:11pm Jun 17 2017 —

proud to say @DePereWI is on board; hoping @GBJimSchmitt and GB city council doesn’t hold us hostage for long

7:06pm Jun 17 2017 —