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this is wrong RT @PGDougSchneider: Prayer to open #BrownCo Board mtg mentioned #God, but no specific deity. Previous board mentioned #Jesus

11:37pm May 16 2012 —

RT @pgdougschneider: #BrownCo Board has elected Patrick Moynihan Jr of Ashwaubenon chairman by a 14-12 vote.

10:36am Apr 17 2012 —

RT @pgdougschneider: #BrownCo Board votes to keep chairmanship vote on open ballot, 25-1. Zima is lone “no” vote.

10:35am Apr 17 2012 —

RT @pgdougschneider: Tonight’s #BrownCo elex results technically aren’t official ’til a canvass, which happens next week. cc/ @shannonryu

10:20pm Apr 3 2012 —

@pgdougschneider nice job covering the #BrownCo board mtg tonight; tough to do in 140 or less

in reply to PGDougSchneider — 11:46pm Mar 21 2012 —

RT @pgdougschneider: Wed will be 1st #BrownCo Board mtg since board was asked not to say prayers. Think members will pray mentioning #Jesus?

11:22pm Feb 14 2012 —

RT @pgdougschneider: #BrownCo Taxpayers Assn says it has pledges from D-19 candidates Fleck, Weninger not to back a county sales tax

11:18pm Feb 14 2012 —

@pgdougschneider are you saying that some #BrownCo maps may contain incorrect data?

in reply to PGDougSchneider — 5:33pm Jan 11 2012 —