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eager to hear what @HomeFreeGuys does next! #SingOff

3:01am Dec 24 2013 —

don’t like that @OsaVocalRush took the name of the best rock band in the world and added “vocal” to it #singoff

2:59am Dec 24 2013 —

somebody tell that dude with the guitar that @thesingoff is an a cappela show #SingOff

2:34am Dec 24 2013 —

RT @StreetCornerSym: Home Free just sealed the deal, eh? @thesingoff #SingOff

1:52am Dec 24 2013 —

.@homefreeguys had 1700 followers earlier tonight; that’s not gonna last #singoff

3:21am Dec 10 2013 —

.@thesingoff opening was great; start the show singing, no better way to do it! #singoff

2:07am Dec 10 2013 —

RT @thesingoff: Aaaaand we’ve already got goosebumps. #SingOff

2:04am Dec 10 2013 —