Tweet Archive for July 2008

running on empty today, no coffee; brought my cup home for a real wash (with soap) on Wednesday; keep forgetting to bring it back to work

6:00pm Jul 31 2008 —

writing a web program that provides a dynamic nested document listing

6:00pm Jul 31 2008 —

campus power usage stats on the web? hmmm. interesting.

6:00pm Jul 30 2008 —

testing the connection to the smtp server from a new server; seems to work okay

6:00pm Jul 29 2008 —

adding a couple of new content areas to the SNC web site

6:00pm Jul 28 2008 —

at Stacy’s graduation party in Poland, WI

6:00pm Jul 26 2008 —

at Irish Waters GC with the barbershoppers

6:00pm Jul 25 2008 —

still reading Moodle forums, trying to track down my database problem

6:00pm Jul 24 2008 —

new blog post: so much to blog about

6:00pm Jul 24 2008 —

round of golf tomorrow with some buddies, haven’t been on a course in 4 years, gotta hit some balls today, glad I’m only working a half day

6:00pm Jul 24 2008 —