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RT @tsand: Starting tonight I’ll be working on a Tweet Race recap/video. Amazed by all the #MBteamS love!

10:00am Feb 11 2011 —

I’m expecting that @tsand and @ijohnpederson will do a keynote in Austin to talk about the twitter #heweb11 #MBTeamS

12:45pm Feb 8 2011 —

anyone known when @tsand and @ijohnpederson arrive at Austin Straubel? #MBTeamS

10:57am Feb 7 2011 —

here’s the official stat sheet for #SuperBowl XLV #GoPackGo #MBTeamS

9:22am Feb 7 2011 —

RT @tsand: I’m so excited right now!!! Can’t even describe the feeling. #gopackgo #MBteamS <- so happy for you man; you deserve it; enjoy!!

12:55pm Feb 6 2011 —

RT @markgr Example of a poster made up of 1000’s of faces. I want to make one for @stjude from #MBTeamS Who’s in?

4:52pm Feb 5 2011 —

RT @MBtweetraceHQ: final results of the Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race are in! The winning team is #MBteamS #mbtweetrace

3:55pm Feb 5 2011 —

#MBTweetRace recaps; day 1; day 2: #MBTeamS

9:32am Feb 5 2011 —

gotta head out for the day; am I the only one who’s felt quite disconnected when I’ve been away from #MBTeamS for periods of time?

8:51am Feb 5 2011 —

many people remember Richard Hatch, the first Survivor winner; I hope people will remember @tsand as well #MBTeamS

7:38am Feb 5 2011 —