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@ToddMcMahon23 @PGDougSchneider there are no official names for winter storms; go ahead and pick one for this week, I’ll be on board

in reply to ToddMcMahon23 — 10:58pm Jan 31 2016 —

enjoyed kicking off #Catholic Schools Week at Mass today; love what @OLOLSchool has done for my family

2:29pm Jan 31 2016 —

hey @WEMOcares, can you remove “Message from WeMo” from Android notifications? need that space for the actual msg

2:12pm Jan 31 2016 —

“Billionaire Decides To Help Out Flint In An Incredibly Generous Way”… #news #feedly

10:49am Jan 30 2016 —

RT @Students4LifeHQ: Roe v Wade. Susan B. Anthony doesn’t approve. #roe43 #marchforlife

10:51pm Jan 28 2016 —

RT @GOPLeader: All lives have a richness & value no matter their circumstance. #WhyWeMarch #MarchForLife

10:49pm Jan 28 2016 —

watch alarm chimes at 9:20 AM & PM daily, reminder to pray for neighbors in 920 area code; tip from @GreenBayChurch

9:30pm Jan 28 2016 —

many thanks to @JulianneStanz from @GreenBayDiocese for visiting us at OLOL in @DePereWI and lighting a fire under my ass #Catholic

8:54pm Jan 28 2016 —

@daniellynds and if a problem is found which must be eliminated, you must then “smoke the joint”

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RT @rclemmons: So….this:… <– 1 of 21 “twitter accounts that will inspire CIOs and IT pros in 2016”.

6:37pm Jan 26 2016 —