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more winter beauty on the @stnorbert campus in @DePereWI #wiwx

10:02am Jan 26 2016 —

the new snow looks great! looking west from Cofrin at @stnorbert in @DePereWI #wiwx

8:31am Jan 26 2016 —

the @CNN app only shows 3.5 stories on the home screen; what gives? I just want news, no fluff

3:06am Jan 26 2016 —

new @USAToday app shows only 2 stories on home screen, not nearly enough; switching after 2 years; maybe @CNN?

2:57am Jan 26 2016 —

#gasprice $1.699/gal at YMart, 4th/3rd/Lost Dauphin in @DePereWI

12:45am Jan 26 2016 —

RT @CUTEST_ANlMALS: When you get buried in the snow but your dog is a retriever

3:40pm Jan 25 2016 —

RT @KTLA: Manhunt continues for 3 ‘very dangerous’ inmates who escaped OC jail. @SteveKuzj reports.…

2:57am Jan 25 2016 —

@JeffAshGB I was just telling my kids the same thing earlier today; even so, you gotta hand it to Elway for the way he went out

in reply to JeffAshGB — 2:54am Jan 25 2016 —

RT @Coach_AlJohnson: The @SNCfootball Championship Rings have arrived

5:03pm Jan 24 2016 —

@jkruse1010 yeah, that it was; thanks

in reply to jkruse1010 — 1:24am Jan 24 2016 —