Tweet Archive for December 2011

RT @PGDougSchneider: Only contested council race in DePere (so far) pits @crevier against incumbent Heuvelmans. Petitions due Jan. 3 #bcelex

2:38pm Dec 29 2011 —

hangin at Granite Peak with Nathan and Joe

1:57pm Dec 29 2011 —

30 years ago today: the first American test tube baby, Elizabeth Jordan Carr, is born in Norfolk, VA

2:20pm Dec 28 2011 —

it’s Wednesday, it’s 10:00am, it’s Sacred Hour on the @stnorbert campus

10:00am Dec 28 2011 —

after spending time with extended family, getting my genealogy data in order; GedStar Pro is THE family tree Android app

9:09am Dec 28 2011 —

hey @seancrev, happy birthday bro!

10:13pm Dec 26 2011 —

RT @grofftd: Good grub at the #crevierchristmas.

6:09pm Dec 26 2011 —

Uncle Gary about Aunt Chris: “you’re Emerence Crevier in a small form”

4:23pm Dec 26 2011 —

so now @TMSVBall and @grofftd and I are sitting at at the kitchen table tweeting at each other; wishing @seancrev was here

4:20pm Dec 26 2011 —

talking to @grofftd about facebook and twitter and interesting tweets from @seancrev

3:42pm Dec 26 2011 —