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RT @MarcBelanger14: Pennant on the wall at Harry’s NY Bar in Paris! Unreal coincidence. @SNCalumni @sncsid #SNCGKP #fb

3:13pm Nov 19 2011 —

working on my own personal twitter web app using smcTweet; FINALLY gonna have one that does everything a twitter app should #fb

6:00pm Feb 3 2010 —

having dinner at Mo’s Irish Pub in Milwaukee; Packer game in an hour #fb #heweb09

6:00pm Oct 4 2009 —

hey, @makicat just walked in at @browncountyfair to see #styx; he must be old #fb

6:00pm Aug 20 2009 —

keepin’ my mind on a better life where happiness is only a heartbeat away #styx #fb

6:00pm Aug 20 2009 —

off work early; heading to the airport to get my niece; pumped! #fb

6:00pm Aug 12 2009 —

having some dinner at Perkins with Tricia, Mom and Michele #fb

6:00pm Aug 12 2009 —

okay, what’s a dillhole? #fb

6:00pm Aug 12 2009 —

at the Crystal Ballroom in Hilbert WI for ballroom dance lessons with Tricia #fb

6:00pm Jul 2 2009 —

WalMart, De Pere WI, is all out of Michael Jackson CDs #fb

6:00pm Jun 25 2009 —