Tweet Archive for August 2015

on stage now at #EastWestMusicFest in @DePereWI: @MotherfolkMusic

8:50pm Aug 30 2015 —

7:30pm Aug 30 2015 —

6:10pm Aug 30 2015 —

three bands playing this afternoon at #EastWestMusicFest @DePereWI; first one starts now

6:00pm Aug 30 2015 —

just put a wristband on the mayor; so I suppose we’re officially open now #EastWestMusicFest @DePereWI

5:44pm Aug 30 2015 —

get your #EastWestMusicFest t-shirt for $10 in @DePereWI

5:20pm Aug 30 2015 —

bands, music, entry are all free; gotta pay for beer and cheese curds @DePereWI #EastWestMusicFest

5:03pm Aug 30 2015 —

the folks at @GallagherPizza and @WasedaMarket in @DePereWI are almost ready to go #EastWestMusicFest

4:35pm Aug 30 2015 —

event opens at noon, bands start at 1pm, Nicolet Square @DePereWI #EastWestMusicFest

4:31pm Aug 30 2015 —

folks at @stnobert are celebrating a new academic year; check out the fireworks tonight at 8:30pm on the Fox River!

2:19pm Aug 30 2015 —