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@seancrev: Channel = natgeotv. What = George W Bush: The 9/11 Interview <- saw it twice already, good stuff

8:00pm Aug 31 2011 —

@camsjo: I’ve got a test site up with JQuery Mobile; runs pretty slow on my smart phone; kinda klunky still #heweb11

2:24pm Aug 31 2011 —

RT @carrieatthill: Anyone from this mornings #nnsmb looking for a G+ invite, let me know #nnsmb

11:43am Aug 31 2011 —

@cassie_holman interesting info; I’ve just seen nothing to indicate true “migration” from FB to G+ by anyone; thanks for the link

in reply to cassie_holman — 9:47am Aug 31 2011 —

it’s Wednesday, it’s 10:00am, it’s Sacred Hour on the @stnorbert campus

9:00am Aug 31 2011 —

RT @cassie_holman Younger generation migrating to Google+ because parents on facebook #nnsmb <- hmmm, I don’t see any such migration

8:16am Aug 31 2011 —

I jumped all over G+ (played Google’s “invite” game); setup my cirlces; then couldn’t find a place for it in my daily life #nnsmb

7:56am Aug 31 2011 —

Google+ will end up on the scrap heap, right on top of Google Wave and Google Buzz #nnsmb

7:34am Aug 31 2011 —

#gasprice $3.699/gal at De Pere Mobil, Main/8th in @DePereWI

9:26pm Aug 30 2011 —

with the NFL Kickoff event coming on 9/8, I suppose I should hit Google and find out who Lady Antebellum is

4:15pm Aug 30 2011 —