Tweet Archive for April 2016

on top of their @DePereWI philanthropy, the Mulvas donated $60M to @UTAustin 2 years ago (and $15M before that)

4:47pm Apr 28 2016 —

Miriam & Jim Mulva donate to @stnorbert AGAIN; total of $36M in 10 years; awesome neighbors!

4:40pm Apr 28 2016 —

here’s the new 2015 Greater Green Bay Fact Book, from GB Area Chamber

5:10pm Apr 27 2016 —

getting close; only a few gifts away from $100K in one day!! All Hands On Deck at @stnorbert

4:21pm Apr 27 2016 —

check it out, All Hands on Deck day here at @stnorbert; we’re cranking now, please join us

2:00pm Apr 27 2016 —

here’s @stnorbert prez Tom Kunkel with info about today, All Hands On Deck; pls give!

9:00am Apr 27 2016 —

today’s the day; pls join @stnorbert with gift for student scholarships; All Hands on Deck!

8:02am Apr 27 2016 —

RT @sncits: Steve Westergan, @stnorbert Humanities, gets a dose of @htcvive virtual reality

3:45pm Apr 25 2016 —

RT @sncits: here’s @neilamonst3r from ITS Service Desk inviting Prof. Westergan into the @htcvive virtual world

12:32pm Apr 25 2016 —

@QHillesheim no, I doubt it; but that would be a great idea

in reply to QHillesheim — 11:51am Apr 25 2016 —