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in Georgia’s 6th dist election, nobody came back from anything, nobody was overtaken; there was 1 vote, 1 winner, p…

10:44pm Jun 21 2017 —

this is so cool

10:29pm Jun 21 2017 —

here’s the break down of last night’s vote by the @GreenBayWis city council on the county sales/room tax plan

10:26pm Jun 21 2017 —

always love to see work like this happening here in @DePereWI district 3; sprucing up the neighborhood

12:56pm Jun 21 2017 —

plan to fund expo center was approved by @GreenBayWis city council last night in 10-2 vote

9:02am Jun 21 2017 —

Patrick Moynihan @BrownCountyWI board chair on expo center plan, @GreenBayWis “lead, follow, or get out of the way”

8:55am Jun 21 2017 —

come work with us on the @sncits support team at @stnorbert @CBinGB12 @KheenanH @neilamonst3r

12:53pm Jun 20 2017 —

thx; just heard the mayor talk about that this morning; not too bad I suppose; just gotta realize we’re all county…

7:13am Jun 20 2017 —

I’m not seeing it; that doc only puts down the mayor’s idea; I’m not seeing the agreement you referred to

10:19pm Jun 19 2017 —

been looking around; can’t find it

10:13pm Jun 19 2017 —