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at @Walmart in @DePereWI making good use of my @Zendesk swag #HDIconf

2:34pm May 20 2017 —

millenials passing time at the airport @neilamonst3r @TaylorJadin #HDIConf

1:19pm May 12 2017 —

cool view of Washington DC from National Harbor, with Washington Monument in the distance #HDIConf

9:25pm May 11 2017 —

“in a challenging situation, find the bright spot and build on that” @biz #HDIConf

8:40am May 11 2017 —

listening to @biz: “create the circumstances that lead to opportunities”, then you’re first in line #HDIConf

8:09am May 11 2017 —

7:12am May 11 2017 —

“Journey Mapping from Customer Experience to Customer Satisfaction” @mirareshaw #HDIConf; look up, bird flying in t…

2:16pm May 10 2017 —

“literally bring our customer service to our customers” @neilamonst3r @TaylorJadin #HDIConf #RADservice

9:35am May 10 2017 —

RT @kmlukens: Check it out! @neilamonst3r and @TaylorJadin LIVE at #HDIConf Way to represent @stnorbert ! #radicalc…

9:21am May 10 2017 —

your #HDIConf Midwest Mixer registration staff Mary, Dian, @neilamonst3r, @TaylorJadin #radservice

7:26pm May 9 2017 —