Tweet Archive for August 2008

blog update: writer is just wrong

6:00pm Aug 31 2008 —

too many balls in the air today, gotta land a few today

6:00pm Aug 28 2008 —

wondering where the summer went

6:00pm Aug 25 2008 —

blog update: just answer the question

6:00pm Aug 24 2008 —

back to work on the South End Zone; 14th NFL season on the web, this site is getting old

6:00pm Aug 22 2008 —

gotta head out to the DMV to title my daughter’s new car

6:00pm Aug 21 2008 —

fixing my flash video 2 second playing problem in Firefox

6:00pm Aug 21 2008 —

students moving in today; forced to park much farther away than normal; had to eat an extra donut to make up for the calories I burned

6:00pm Aug 20 2008 —

hoping there are donuts left over from yesterday

6:00pm Aug 20 2008 —

helping my oldest daughter move to her college dorm today

6:00pm Aug 18 2008 —