Tweet Archive for September 2015

nice video by @DePereWI Fire Dept, recent conference on fire protection and customer service

7:46pm Sep 30 2015 —

RT @fox6now: Packers QB @AaronRodgers12 named NFC Offensive Player of the Week

6:48pm Sep 30 2015 —

if I’m watching #KCvsGB via antenna, @WBAY shouldn’t show me their scroll message for DirecTV subscribers #IDontCare #nocontract #packers

3:07am Sep 29 2015 —

I hate all those non-traditional camera angles; can’t see rest of the field; can’t watch entire play unfold #KCvsGB #gopackgo #packers

2:45am Sep 29 2015 —

suspect that when you text section/seat, they zoom a camera and watch for a minute, then move in and git er done

2:33am Sep 29 2015 —

I texted once at Lambeau; cops came immediately and removed unruly fan behind me; no questions, no discussion

2:27am Sep 29 2015 —

watching at home tonight; gold package

2:08am Sep 29 2015 —

made this Samsung Gear 2 wallpaper for @Packers fans #GoPackGo #KCvsGB #Packers

11:55pm Sep 28 2015 —

1:08pm Sep 28 2015 —

Wisconsin Rustic Roads are a unique treasure in our state; rode 7 of them today (242 miles)

3:04am Sep 28 2015 —