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a lot of activity on the Fox River in @DePereWI today #VoyageurPark #wiwx

3:41pm Apr 1 2017 —

this is why local TV weathercasters need to stop assuming that warm weather is good weather #wiwx

9:03pm Mar 1 2017 —

the snow is coming down in @DePereWI #wiwx

5:46pm Jan 30 2017 —

RT @ReadyWisconsin: Get warnings for impending weather events with a @NOAA Weather Radio. Learn more:
#wiwx https:/…

6:09am Apr 12 2016 —

RT @DePereWI: Snow Storm Barnaby is on its way in @DePereWI #wiwx

5:49pm Mar 23 2016 —

more winter beauty on the @stnorbert campus in @DePereWI #wiwx

10:02am Jan 26 2016 —

the new snow looks great! looking west from Cofrin at @stnorbert in @DePereWI #wiwx

8:31am Jan 26 2016 —

beautiful sunny winter day here in @DePereWI #wiwx

5:16pm Jan 18 2016 —

hey northeast Wisconsin, @NWS does not name winter storms; “ashley” is just made up by a local TV station #wiwx

5:24am Dec 29 2015 —

the weather around @DePereWI is just nuts; this is winter! #iwantsnow #wiwx

11:15pm Dec 10 2015 —