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rain is coming down pretty good in @DePereWI #wiwx

3:11pm Jul 1 2018 —

so, here in @DePereWI the sun is shining and it’s snowing sideways on the @stnorbert campus #wiwx

1:11pm Apr 6 2018 —

winter snow in April at our house in @DePereWI is actually quite beautiful; God is good #wiwx

11:42am Apr 6 2018 —

two days ago it was 60°F in @DePereWI; now it’s 21°F and snowing #wiwx

5:58pm Dec 6 2017 —

NWS in Green Bay says it’s time to go #CHIvsGB #GoPackGo #packers #wiwx

8:25pm Sep 28 2017 —

back in my day, when we wanted to know the temperature in Green Bay, we called 920-432-1212; and of course we had to use a land phone #wiwx

11:24am May 4 2017 —

RT @NWSGreenBay: Today is Tornado Drill Day in Wisconsin! Practice your weather safety plans at work, school, and home. #wiwx…

12:36pm Apr 20 2017 —

a lot of activity on the Fox River in @DePereWI today #VoyageurPark #wiwx

3:41pm Apr 1 2017 —

this is why local TV weathercasters need to stop assuming that warm weather is good weather #wiwx

9:03pm Mar 1 2017 —

the snow is coming down in @DePereWI #wiwx

5:46pm Jan 30 2017 —