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RT @caseymae: “@The90sLife: When I was your age…” not if @crevier was your father.

1:51pm May 24 2013 —

RT @Pontifex: I am close to the families of all who died in the Oklahoma tornado, especially those who lost young children. Join me in pray…

10:17am May 21 2013 —

RT @amy__bailey: Nice work @DePereWI! #nature @ Riverwalk

10:00pm May 20 2013 —

@sncits Kelsey’s last day with us is May 31; but I won’t see her any more, so I said my good byes today

in reply to sncits — 8:06pm May 16 2013 —

said goodbye today to Kelsey Herrick, a bright young lady and @stnorbert alum who helped greatly in setting up our @sncits Service Desk

5:44pm May 16 2013 —

my first tweet, 5 yrs ago today: “everyone says rain today. NWS says 30%. riding the motorcycle today”

1:06pm May 16 2013 —

@pgdougschneider tweeting by elected officials during meetings makes us more transparent faster

in reply to PGDougSchneider — 3:34am May 16 2013 —

@pgdougschneider I use laptop to follow agenda/packet, search for info about businesses we’re discussing (ie google maps), and yes, tweet

in reply to PGDougSchneider — 2:59am May 16 2013 —

we’re getting electronic devices for entire city council in @DePereWI; it’s in our 2013 budget /cc @PGDougSchneider

in reply to crevier — 2:51am May 16 2013 —

most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in years! RT @PGDougSchneider Board would have to turn off electronic devices during meetings

2:48am May 16 2013 —