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so, how many of us heading to #heweb11 have the same twitter profile pic as we did for #heweb09 (or older)?

5:06am Oct 22 2011 —

@ColB maybe some of us are hoping for another historic event (i.e. #heweb09 backchannel), then we can get “I was there” t-shirts #heweb11

1:46pm Aug 15 2011 —

hey web colleagues, if you were at @jmspool‘s #heweb09 keynote in Milwaukee, perhaps you’ll enjoy this cover #heweb11

4:16pm Jul 7 2011 —

RT @lanejoplin: ever since #heweb09 I am highly aware #girlsundertrees

6:00pm Jan 6 2010 —

@mackensen Charles, you’re a bit ahead of me; jQuery is still on my list; I definitely learned a lot about it at #heweb09

in reply to mackensen — 6:00pm Oct 21 2009 —

making significant progress on my #wpmu server; many thanks to the @sleary workshop; and also @shelleykeith for your phone time #heweb09

6:00pm Oct 13 2009 —

bad title: “top 100 colleges on twitter”; more appropriate: “US News Top 100 Colleges and how they use Twitter” #heweb09

6:00pm Oct 12 2009 —

@tsand @gegere yep #heweb09 was a great conf! came home with a lot of good info thanks to a lot of good people

6:00pm Oct 10 2009 —

this is my kind of presentation slide #heweb09

6:00pm Oct 9 2009 —

RT @mbrandenburg: Whole pile of iPhone apps FREE this weekend #heweb09

6:00pm Oct 8 2009 —