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wanna see the seconds on the system tray clock in Windows 7? this tool works great

7:52pm Nov 30 2011 —

Javier Colon (The Voice winner), on Christmas from Rockefeller Center, way better than Bieber, Buble, Diamond, Bennett and definitely King

7:35pm Nov 30 2011 —

I just right-clicked an image in Chrome and there is now an “open image in new tab” option #ftw

7:14pm Nov 30 2011 —

Christmas In Rockefeller Center is on NBC in 10 mins (central)

6:49pm Nov 30 2011 —

just scanned a QR code that took me directly to an app in Apple’s app store; very underwhelmed on my Android phone #qrfail

5:18pm Nov 30 2011 —

@seancrev I think I’m offended by “happy”; why do we have to be so happy all the time? Tolerable Holidays!!

in reply to seancrev — 5:10pm Nov 30 2011 —

@seancrev Happy Holidays!

in reply to seancrev — 4:52pm Nov 30 2011 —

RT @stnorbert: Faculty and staff, stock up on @stnorbert gear during the Bookstore’s 25% off faculty/staff sale today <- I think it’s 20%

1:46pm Nov 30 2011 —

looks like most of the U.S. will get the Packers/Giants game on FOX

10:23am Nov 30 2011 —

Christmas In Rockefeller Center is on tonight on NBC, 7pm central

10:17am Nov 30 2011 —