Tweet Archive for September 2012

21 seconds on the clock, 2 timeouts; McCarthy throws in the towel, no confidence in his offense; why not just forfeit then? #packers

10:03pm Sep 30 2012 —

JAMES! #gopackgo

9:34pm Sep 30 2012 —

here we go again; NFL refs blew another one #packers #saints

8:50pm Sep 30 2012 —

Wisconsin marching band waiting in the north end zone at Lambeau Field #gopackgo

8:27pm Sep 30 2012 —

me and Bob, section 123 row 11 #gopackgo

7:58pm Sep 30 2012 —

listen up #packers fans, if Wisconsin marching band plays national anthem at Lambeau, you will not hear it done better anywhere any time

7:53pm Sep 30 2012 —

not Hoculi RT @GreenBay_Austin: @crevier thanks I’m hoping Ed hochuli

7:50pm Sep 30 2012 —

Wisconsin marching band filing in behind the visitor bench at Lambeau Field; hold dinner honey, gonna stay for 5th qtr #packers #saints

7:49pm Sep 30 2012 —

no RT @GreenBay_Austin: @crevier Do you know who today’s refs are?

7:47pm Sep 30 2012 —

NFL officials just got a standing ovation at Lambeau Field #packers #saints

7:36pm Sep 30 2012 —