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got my #packers stuff ready; picking up Bob, then heading out to Lambeau

5:57pm Sep 30 2012 —

RT @busedcrev: Was talking to my brother about this last night! “How Twitter Can Be Used as Educational Tool” #edtech

5:36pm Sep 30 2012 —

De Pere misses you @randycrevier: I always knew how great De Pere was and I definitely appreciated it, but I really know what I’m missin …

7:34pm Sep 29 2012 —

anyone know of an Android MP3 player that allows me to define the location of my MP3 files?

4:21pm Sep 29 2012 —

working on my contribution to the Crevier chili dump

3:05pm Sep 29 2012 —

listening to some old music from Lion and the Leprechauns, my uncle’s 1960s cover band; this is great stuff!

2:10pm Sep 29 2012 —

cuz of the people you were with, right? RT @ccubed: Moe’s and @Starbucks in the same day? #bestdayever

2:09pm Sep 29 2012 —

thx @draasch for the scores

2:17am Sep 29 2012 —

HS football: West De Pere 65 at New London 0; final #hsswi #wisfb

2:16am Sep 29 2012 —

HS football: West De Pere 51 at New London 0; half; (delayed info) #hsswi #wisfb

1:54am Sep 29 2012 —