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@Sandeee03 Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you in person. I hope you see the card I left on your door. And thanks for the vote Sandi!

in reply to Sandeee03 — 7:50pm Mar 31 2012 —

one of the last houses I visited, woman said, “I already voted absentee, and I voted for you”; never met her before; warmed my heart

2:13pm Mar 31 2012 —

add S 6th St, Butler St, and Martin St to the list of those I’ve visited; heading over to Lande St east of the tracks, then done

1:55pm Mar 31 2012 —

walked the rest of Twilight Dr, Apollo Way, and Lois St; met a cool dog, followed me; now heading over to S 6th St

12:54pm Mar 31 2012 —

while out on the campaign trail, it’s also cool seeing folks I know, and getting waves from cars; I love De Pere!

10:47am Mar 31 2012 —

just met folks in Reid St and south side of Main Ave; now heading down Park St, Morning Glory Ln, Allard St and Twighlight Dr; enjoying …

10:44am Mar 31 2012 —

RT @ConanOBrien: How embarrassing. My son opened a box labeled “Daddy’s Things – Private” and found all my Styx cassettes. <- oh mama…

1:26pm Mar 30 2012 —

now walking down Wishart then St Anthony and Aldrin; slight drizzle now, just enough to mess up my glasses 🙂

12:24pm Mar 30 2012 —

just knocked on doors on St Joseph St and St Mary’s St, by my house; feeling I’ve got the holy family on my side

12:23pm Mar 30 2012 —

RT @stnorbert: The music department invites you to the vocal recital of David Carroll, tomorrow in the Walter Theatre, 5-6 p.m.

3:12pm Mar 29 2012 —