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engines from Apollo 11 (July 16, 1969) discovered in the Atlantic Ocean

8:54am Mar 29 2012 —

RT @leftylea: Almost my birthday! #25hours #18yearsold #soexcited 🙂 <- voting age, just in time; very cool!

10:14pm Mar 28 2012 —

RT @jeffash26: Former #UWGB coach Matt Bollant introduced at Illinois. Streaming live now at

10:01am Mar 28 2012 —

just added food item photos and nutrition data to the @stnorbert mobile web site

9:53am Mar 28 2012 —

it’s Wednesday, it’s 10:00am, it’s Sacred Hour on the @stnorbert campus

9:00am Mar 28 2012 —

RT @nflprguy: Giants to host Cowboys in season-opening game on Wed, 9/5 on NBC, 8:30p ET. #can‘twait

1:55pm Mar 27 2012 —

@jasonjwilde looks like @TCrabtree83 tweeted it at 2:08pm, earlier than any others I saw; could have been others though

in reply to jasonjwilde — 1:43pm Mar 27 2012 —

can’t have Google messing with my contacts; so I just deleted all my #GooglePlus circles; now my contacts are back to normal

7:49pm Mar 26 2012 —

test your web forms people, test your web forms!!

4:09pm Mar 26 2012 —

@pgdougschneider Manitowoc Co has had its share of car crash victims; hopefully that community can now be given some time to grieve/recover

in reply to PGDougSchneider — 2:52pm Mar 26 2012 —