Tweet Archive for June 2013

anyone know where I can watch @Wimbledon on TV in America?

4:27pm Jun 30 2013 —

@jesselavery looked like only the truck; authorities are saying alcohol may be involved; geez

in reply to jesselavery — 1:01pm Jun 28 2013 —

semi truck hauling recycled paper split in half at the roundabout, Ashland at 8th in @DePereWI

12:51pm Jun 28 2013 —

the Fox River dam from the @DePereWI Riverwalk

1:26am Jun 24 2013 —

letting the boat through the @DePereWI lock on the other side

1:13am Jun 24 2013 —

opening the lock in @DePereWI

1:05am Jun 24 2013 —

RT @wibusinessworld: BW2013 is off and running @stnorbert in De Pere!

9:49pm Jun 23 2013 —

come on people, Zima is so out of touch RT @pgdougschneider: Zima: 90% of supes’ use of electronic devices during meetings unnecessary.

3:37am Jun 20 2013 —

I’ll be in the @sncits session with your parents; welcome! RT @smileygurl2323: @stnorbert just left for orientation! #excitedandnervous

12:46pm Jun 19 2013 —

RT @pgdougschneider: Can’t stand the #Heat? Read our story about potential @DePereWI fire dept consolidation…

12:25pm Jun 19 2013 —