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RT @hannon_hill: Why (Quality) Content is King & Accessibility is Key, an #HEWeb11 recap by @joelddixon @penny_harding

4:26pm Nov 2 2011 —

@tsand I lost a USB cord somewhere between here and Austin; cell phone was dead by 4pm yesterday #heweb11

in reply to tsand — 9:27am Nov 2 2011 —

@zvineyard I’m interested to know how the WP news site goes; need to know if @lacytite is just off her rocker #heweb11

3:26pm Nov 1 2011 —

RT @omniupdate: Check out this OmniUpdate HighEdWeb 2011 video #heweb11

11:54am Oct 31 2011 —

freshly home from Austin, perhaps you’ll enjoy Texans trying to pronounce Wisconsin city names #heweb11

8:25pm Oct 30 2011 —

still updating my Google contacts with numerous folks I met at #heweb11

9:51am Oct 30 2011 —

@donnatalarico @StephenJuliano finally checked, and turns out my old GeoCities site is not available at ReoCities #bummer #heweb11

in reply to donnatalarico — 9:34am Oct 30 2011 —

I’ll see y’all back in Wisconsin, my home state, for #heweb12 #heweb11

3:27am Oct 27 2011 —

airport shuttle right on time; heading out; good bye Austin, it’s been real #heweb11

3:25am Oct 27 2011 —

pretty quiet in the Hyatt Austin lobby, waiting for my 4:15am airport shuttle #heweb11

2:51am Oct 27 2011 —