Tweet Archive for October 2012

it’s Wednesday, it’s 10:00am, it’s Sacred Hour on the @stnorbert campus

3:02pm Oct 31 2012 —

#gasprice $3.499/gal at De Pere Mobil, Main/8th in @DePereWI

11:49pm Oct 30 2012 —

proud! RT @caseymae: just made a Seinfeld joke and no one got it. I don’t even watch Seinfeld. #salsa

1:27am Oct 30 2012 —

“Breaking the Stalemate, Common Ground for the Common Good”, with Jill Marie Gerschutz Bell starting at @stnorbert shortly

11:48pm Oct 29 2012 —

RT @PAIGER33: When Donald Driver is happy, #Packers nation is happy. #MillionDollarSmile #gopackgo #dwts

7:49pm Oct 28 2012 —

heard “I Play Chicken With The Train” by Cowboy Troy playing in the stadium after Driver’s TD! #gopackgo #dwts #packers

7:45pm Oct 28 2012 —

Donald! Donald! Donald! #gopackgo #dwts

7:37pm Oct 28 2012 —

word RT @draasch: @crevier dierdorf sucks to listen to. He has been fired by every other network.

6:36pm Oct 28 2012 —

@rclemmons Tricia says HB!

6:36pm Oct 28 2012 —

the CBS HD broadcast is perfectly sync’d with the #Packers Radio Network; I’ll take Wayne and Larry over CBS any day #gopackgo

6:21pm Oct 28 2012 —