Tweet Archive for hashtag “#CelebrateDePere”

12:17pm Jun 30 2014 —

great to see the old Locktender house in action at the @DePereWI Riverwalk #celebratedepere

8:14pm May 24 2014 —

finishing up some yard work; gonna head over to #celebratedepere later in @DePereWI

6:49pm May 24 2014 —

northeast corner of Main/5th for the Memorial Day parade, as always #CelebrateDePere

7:03am May 28 2012 —

here’s a slideshow of photos from the @CelebrateDePere fireworks tonight in @DePereWI #CelebrateDePere

11:19pm May 27 2012 —

video of the finale from the @CelebrateDePere fireworks tonight in @DePereWI #CelebrateDePere

10:56pm May 27 2012 —

if you want to hear what’s going on in @DePereWI right now, check out (streaming from my basement) #CelebrateDePere

9:49pm May 27 2012 —

ooooh, aaaaah; fireworks at #CelebrateDePere in @DePereWI

8:24pm May 27 2012 —

RT @CelebrateDePere: The crowd is gathered and its almost time to watch some AMAZING fireworks!!!!! Take a seat and ENJOY #celebratedepere

8:06pm May 27 2012 —

Fox River, looking east at Voyageur Park; bright boat on left is the Foxy Lady #CelebrateDePere

7:58pm May 27 2012 —