Tweet Archive for December 2013

It’s Bears week on WOGB FM in Green Bay; playing all songs by bands not named “Chicago” #gopackgo #packers

10:02pm Dec 27 2013 —

earlier today, I finished filing my paperwork to run for re-election on the @DePereWI city council; election is April 1

10:10pm Dec 26 2013 —

Merry Christmas to all my neighbors and constituents in @DePereWI; I hope 2014 is a blessed year for you and your family

8:13pm Dec 26 2013 —

eager to hear what @HomeFreeGuys does next! #SingOff

3:01am Dec 24 2013 —

don’t like that @OsaVocalRush took the name of the best rock band in the world and added “vocal” to it #singoff

2:59am Dec 24 2013 —

somebody tell that dude with the guitar that @thesingoff is an a cappela show #SingOff

2:34am Dec 24 2013 —

RT @seznet: NFC North: McCarthy happy to change his message

2:26am Dec 24 2013 —

got 7 more signatures from neighbors nominating me for re-election on @DePereWI city council; will turn in paperwork this week

2:21am Dec 24 2013 —

RT @StreetCornerSym: Home Free just sealed the deal, eh? @thesingoff #SingOff

1:52am Dec 24 2013 —

there are A LOT of #steelers fans at Lambeau; easily 25% (probably more), 45 minutes til kickoff #gopackgo #packers

8:37pm Dec 22 2013 —