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spending a vacation day at Ray Nitschke Field for #Packers OTA

12:39pm May 31 2018 —

RT @NWSncrfc: Today is Dam Safety Awareness Day. Dams are an important part of our water management systems, but when they fail, flooding c…

8:23am May 31 2018 —

power came back on in west @DePereWI at about 7:40am @WIPublicService

8:01am May 31 2018 —

traffic signals on the west side of downtown @DePereWI (Main Ave, Reid St, etc) are not operating; drive carefully…

7:04am May 31 2018 —

RT @WFRVLocal5: More than 2,000 WPS customers in the De Pere area are without power this morning. Local 5 is looking into the cause of the…

6:41am May 31 2018 —

web site for @WIPublicService says 2,364 customers without power in @DePereWI; @stnorbert campus is also affected

6:26am May 31 2018 —

RT @sncits: power went out on the entire campus (and a portion of the west De Pere area) around 6:00 a.m.; several ITS staffers are on camp…

6:24am May 31 2018 —

my 5th cousin 5 times removed, Claire Crevier, was married 175 years ago today in Quebec #genealogy #familyhistory

8:23pm May 30 2018 —

when you’re sitting outside on your patio in @DePereWI, beautiful evening, 77°F, light rain (but it’s okay cuz of t…

7:46pm May 30 2018 —

RT @THX: In 35 yrs we have NEVER shown this! View the never-before-seen score of #DeepNote THX’s audio trademark 🔊 created by Dr. James A.…

2:09pm May 30 2018 —