Tweet Archive for July 2014

opened my new @Garmin nĂ¼vi 2597LMT; scanned the QR code for app, got this error; what gives?

1:52am Jul 31 2014 —

wait, there’s a group advocating for the cleanliness of the lower Green Bay and Fox River, and they’re called the Clean Bay Backers #cool

7:17pm Jul 30 2014 —

been using Apache for 20 years, never had a need for SetEnv until today; cool/simple feature

7:02pm Jul 30 2014 —

it’s Wednesday, it’s 10:00am, it’s Sacred Hour on the @stnorbert campus

3:02pm Jul 30 2014 —

RT @RedCross: Urgent need for blood donors. Go to, and #chooseyourday to donate.

5:32pm Jul 26 2014 —

during #Packers finance/investment reports, Ted Thompson is looking away; doesn’t care; wants to remove the tie and get back to football

5:18pm Jul 24 2014 —

Mark Murphy at #Lambeau: “Packers now have 22 players/coaches in the Pro Football HOF (2nd only to the Bears)”

4:44pm Jul 24 2014 —

excellent 4G coverage at #Lambeau Field today; not 80K fans here, but good so far

4:36pm Jul 24 2014 —

Mark Murphy at #Lambeau: “only two teams have been in playoffs each of the past 5 years: Patriots and #Packers

4:26pm Jul 24 2014 —

Ted Thompson spilling all the secrets about #Packers football operations at #Lambeau

4:20pm Jul 24 2014 —