Tweet Archive for September 2008

the duct tape camper lives on; I guess people are tired of politics, economy, and all the other troubles of the world

6:00pm Sep 30 2008 —

it sure is quiet around here at 10pm; no one bothering me; no phone calls; no e-mails; just gettin’ crap done; 2nd shift…hmmm

6:00pm Sep 30 2008 —

pulling a late one; finished moving footprints web app to a new server; now gotta move Moodle to another new server; then home

6:00pm Sep 30 2008 —

@caseymae look at you go!

in reply to caseymae — 6:00pm Sep 25 2008 —

7 minutes to showtime on NBC!

6:00pm Sep 25 2008 —

setting up a virgin Linux server; loving the clean fresh country air of the bash shell and the empty /usr/local/bin

6:00pm Sep 24 2008 —

just donated blood, that’s #107

6:00pm Sep 24 2008 —

blog update: you’re an idiot…

6:00pm Sep 24 2008 —

egg burger at Red Robin

6:00pm Sep 23 2008 —

See the duct tape camper on Ch 5 First News tomorrow, Tue 9/23 5am-7am. Also

6:00pm Sep 22 2008 —