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@ballardpj just offering a good idea; victims aren’t getting what they’re paying for, so stop paying for it and do…

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@ballardpj @fema with state control, WI can spend money on tornado preparedness, CA on earthquakes, TX FL on hurricanes, etc.

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@ballardpj @fema disagree; it would immediately end complaints at fed level, cuz it’s no longer a fed issue; then e…

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@ballardpj well, according to disaster victims, @FEMA is too slow; not my analysis, it’s the words of the locals; gotta end the complaints

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@ballardpj @Bmac0507 @fema it’s just absurd that we ALL pay for @FEMA, but there are ALWAYS complaints; every time;…

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@ballardpj @Bmac0507 @fema yes indeed; and that’s the reason response may seem slower in PR versus TX or FL, not be…

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@FEMA is always criticized for response time, always; just scrap it, keep tax dollars in the states; handle disaster planning at local level

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@Bmac0507 would be interesting to scrap @FEMA, give all those tax dollars back to states; handle disaster planning, recovery at local level

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@Bmac0507 and other mayors are saying she’s not attending meetings; one photo shows her in water helping; looks nic…

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RT @DePereFire: De Pere Fire and Rescue hosts annual open house

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