Tweet Archive for hashtag “#wxreport”

very sunny, clear, 87F at 3:30pm in @DePereWI; great day to cut the grass #wxreport

1:36pm Jul 30 2011 —

sunny and -2ºF on my front porch in @DePereWI; wind chill is -21ºF #wxreport #wiwx

8:42am Feb 9 2011 —

looks like a beautiful day today in @DePereWI; 0°F on my front porch #wxreport #wiwx #MBTeamS

7:43am Feb 3 2011 —

just shoveled 2″ of snow off my driveway/sidewalk; it’s 24ºF on my front porch in @DePereWI beautiful day out there! #wxreport #wiwx

6:48am Jan 11 2011 —

steady, heavy rain with thunder in @DePereWI, 74°F on my front porch #wxreport

6:00pm Jul 9 2010 —

steady rain, 76°F in my front yard in @deperewi; take in your flags folks! #wxreport

6:00pm Jul 3 2010 —

beautiful day, sunny and 78ºF in @deperewi #wxreport

6:00pm May 28 2010 —

#wxreport 61ºF, tornado sirens sounding in @deperewi; reports of tornado on the ground in Kimberly, 20 mi south of here

6:00pm May 4 2010 —

dark skies over west @deperewi right now; zero wind, light rain, 67°F #wxreport

6:00pm Apr 30 2010 —

skies are getting dark over @deperewi but no rain yet #wxreport

6:00pm Apr 14 2010 —