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RT @deperewi: news: De Pere’s Wildlife Pier Draws Rave Reviews from First Visitors

11:00pm Dec 31 2012 —

the @DePereWI Riverwalk viewing pier is fantastic; will be a great resource for generations!

6:30pm Dec 31 2012 —

@amy__bailey @knightrunner22 @tb1960 to be clear, I’m just saying that I’ve heard 2 args against plowing: XC, money; but that can be changed

5:00pm Dec 31 2012 —

@amy__bailey “poor excuse” based solely on numbers? most people don’t ride the bus either, but…; wow! @knightrunner22 @tb1960

4:57pm Dec 31 2012 —

@amy__bailey @tb1960 @knightrunner22 make sure your county rep knows your concerns; round up some support (and money) and get it changed!

4:50pm Dec 31 2012 —

depends on what worst is; XC prefer no plow RT @knightrunner22: @tb1960 @Amy__Bailey @crevier WI is by far worst @ plowing walk/run paths

4:47pm Dec 31 2012 —

XC skiers don’t want it plowed RT @tb1960: @crevier @DePereWI Now if they can only start to plow the Fox River Trail. Sad to see it idle

3:29pm Dec 31 2012 —

hey @DePereWI residents, our new Riverwalk viewing pier at Voyageur Park is now complete; come see a brief tour today at noon

3:10pm Dec 31 2012 —

Cool! RT @caseymae: here you go, @crevier .

5:31am Dec 31 2012 —

so, the #Bears started the season at 7-1, now they’ll be watching the #Packers in the post season from home; that sucks #gopackgo

12:58am Dec 31 2012 —