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hey De Pere neighbors, please be safe tonight, don’t be stupid; if you need a ride home, call me; this is my cell

10:56pm Dec 31 2015 —

RT @CIA: #2 most read on our #Bestof2015 list:
The Last Days in Saigon

4:45pm Dec 31 2015 —

thanks; I did that for the first quarter; just prefer watching it on my big TV

4:29am Dec 31 2015 —

doesn’t help those of us with @Sling; sure would love to watch the #HolidayBowl on @ESPN as advertised

3:44am Dec 31 2015 —

hey @leatherheadbrew, locally brewed beer is not my thing, but we’re having dinner with you tonight; will I like yours?

8:48pm Dec 30 2015 —

RT @RichRymanPG: #Packers need people to shovel snow at Lambeau Field on Thursday. 8 a.m. start. $10 an hour. 15 and older.…

4:42pm Dec 30 2015 —

RT @DePereWI: interesting video where @DePereWI street superintendent Al Luberda explains the snow removal process

6:48pm Dec 29 2015 —

RT @gregmottola: Making a Murderer is disturbing as hell. I feel it’s an important documentary. Tremendous respect for Moira Demos and La…

5:55am Dec 29 2015 —

.@MakingAMurderer on @Netflix was interesting, compelling, frustrating, sad; would love to hear more from additional involved parties

5:46am Dec 29 2015 —

hey northeast Wisconsin, @NWS does not name winter storms; “ashley” is just made up by a local TV station #wiwx

5:24am Dec 29 2015 —