Tweet Archive for January 2011

done with @stnorbert #CascadeServer workshop half hour early; always easier teaching web page maint to students than teaching my generation

8:08pm Jan 31 2011 —

RT @tsand: Almost all packed for the #MBtweetrace <- your kids must be so pumped #MBTeamS

5:49pm Jan 31 2011 —

RT @fienen: Campus for @pittstate has been CLOSED for tomorrow. Don’t come to school. More info on the site and on our Facebook.

5:36pm Jan 31 2011 —

putting final touches on cool enhancements to my MySQL database edit program; good stuff; love it when it all works!

5:31pm Jan 31 2011 —

staying late to teach web content maint to @stnorbert students; #CascadeServer workshop starts in one hr; still time

5:00pm Jan 31 2011 —

RT @bdlegg: I love Dropbox because it is a great way to allow me to sync files between two computers effortlessly!!

2:06pm Jan 31 2011 —

RT @tsand Winner! RT @juliafallon: “Bringing home the bacon and a Benz.” #MBTeamS #SLGN

1:44pm Jan 31 2011 —

learn to edit SNC web pages; total of 7 students signed up for #CascadeServer workshop tonight 6pm; room for 7 more

1:40pm Jan 31 2011 —

@tsand I brought 4 bags of cheese curds in my carry on to Seattle with me 2 weeks ago; just share with flight crew, no worries #MBTeamS

in reply to tsand — 1:19pm Jan 31 2011 —

RT @ecwagner: The @packers heading out to Dallas with all their gear! #GOPACKGO

12:39pm Jan 31 2011 —