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RT @ninanolan @carrieatthill we’ll see about G+. For now I’m going to invest my resources where I know my constituents are. #nnsmb

7:04am Sep 1 2011 —

RT @carrieatthill: Anyone from this mornings #nnsmb looking for a G+ invite, let me know #nnsmb

11:43am Aug 31 2011 —

RT @cassie_holman Younger generation migrating to Google+ because parents on facebook #nnsmb <- hmmm, I don’t see any such migration

8:16am Aug 31 2011 —

I jumped all over G+ (played Google’s “invite” game); setup my cirlces; then couldn’t find a place for it in my daily life #nnsmb

7:56am Aug 31 2011 —

Google+ will end up on the scrap heap, right on top of Google Wave and Google Buzz #nnsmb

7:34am Aug 31 2011 —

RT @ninanolan: @crevier suggest taking the tunnel and turning left #nnsmb #smrock2 <- take some attendees on a field trip to visit my office

1:18pm Jun 2 2011 —

RT @ninanolan: Score! Cookies and refreshments in the lower lobby. #nnsmb #smrock2 <- crap, can’t do refreshments via twitter…yet

1:12pm Jun 2 2011 —

RT @ninanolan: Really great takeaways from @SusanFinco‘s presentation on crisis management. #nnsmb #smrock2 <- cool, let’s talk

1:10pm Jun 2 2011 —

RT @ninanolan: Posts with photos are more interactive. #nnsmb #smrock2 <- yep, no one cared about the DP parade fire until photo was tweeted

10:12am Jun 2 2011 —

RT @ninanolan @tammyRhoman good job setting up today’s #NNSMB, too. Very profitable!

1:49pm Apr 21 2011 —