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@jesselavery thanks man; gotta credit #heweb10 for providing me with a significant amount of info about mobile; took a while, but it’s good

10:00am Jan 23 2012 —

RT @frommelt: To those interested in the @highedweb magazine… I’m working on it #honest #heweb10 #heweb11

5:00pm Nov 17 2010 —

RT @mallorywood: Nav question: Topic or Audience driven? Which is better in #highered… GO! #simtech10 #heweb10 <- trick question; neither

6:00pm Oct 25 2010 —

RT @jodineufeld: Survey For People Who Make Websites <- url is “/webdesignsurvey/”; only for designers?; #heweb10

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most important takeaway from #heweb10: mobile internet usage going thru roof, specifically, the “ramping” rate

6:00pm Oct 18 2010 —

am I the only one who visits high ed web sites, clicks on “Faculty and Staff”, and expects to be able to find faculty and staff? #heweb10

6:00pm Oct 18 2010 —

what are the benefits of using different hashtag every year, like #heweb10 and #heweb11 instead of just using a single hashtag like #heweb?

6:00pm Oct 17 2010 —

using iPod Touch almost 2 yrs; still can’t find a good solution for maintaining contacts; using MobileMe but web is clunky; anyone? #heweb10

6:00pm Oct 15 2010 —

has anyone seen the video we did for an #heweb10 attendee’s sister’s newborn?

6:00pm Oct 14 2010 —

aaaaahh, the feel of my desktop keyboard again #heweb10

6:00pm Oct 13 2010 —