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many Americans think congress should tow their political party’s line; I think varying ideas/disagreements inside a…

10:33pm Apr 29 2017 —

@Hops_pop I just need some help with my wardrobe, I can’t take this anymore #whattowhere

in reply to Hops_pop — 5:30pm Apr 29 2017 —

finally some help choosing my outfits; it’s a daily struggle

5:23pm Apr 29 2017 —

RT @DLoesch: Why should anyone take seriously a woman who puts her finger on the trigger of every gun in her photo ops? This is ridiculous.…

5:18pm Apr 29 2017 —

RT @gabrielwinant: Yale College Republicans barbecuing by union fast site

5:08pm Apr 29 2017 —

RT @VinceBiegel: Some things will never change. #GoPackGo

5:04pm Apr 29 2017 —

RT @JoshJones11_: Woke up a Green Bay Packer!! God is Good!!

9:13am Apr 29 2017 —

RT @ABC: Actress Shannen Doherty’s breast cancer in remission after a 2-year battle: “I am blessed,” she says. http…

9:11am Apr 29 2017 —

RT @cnntech: Here’s a first look at Elon Musk’s next grand idea: The Boring Company.

4:43pm Apr 28 2017 —

RT @Teslarati: Musk’s Boring Company starting to come to life in front of #SpaceX. DM us with photos!……

3:36pm Apr 28 2017 —