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many retweets of fake accounts tonight (ie Rudy Giuliani, CNN Politics); check your sources voters! #ElectionDay #WIvote

5:45pm Nov 8 2016 —

I witnessed dozens of people voting today, I’m sure from many perspectives; no one took a knee; very cool #ElectionDay #WIVote

11:13am Nov 8 2016 —

here’s some video from the Election Watch party at @stnorbert tonight; great opportunity for students #wivote

6:37am Nov 7 2012 —

huh? RT @pgpattizarling: no line at Allouez Village Hall to vote. Several younger African Americans were registering to vote. #wivote

3:34am Nov 7 2012 —

hey @stnorbert students: Bemis is at Grant/3rd, polling location is at Grant/6th; it’s only 3 blocks; make your voice heard! #vote #wivote

3:15pm Nov 6 2012 —

about 100 voters at district 3 in @DePere; good to see so many college students; many are registering; d3 includes @stnorbert #vote #wivote

1:43pm Nov 6 2012 —

in and out in 25 minutes, De Pere Community Center, district 3 @DePereWI #vote #wivote

1:33pm Nov 6 2012 —

59 voters in front of @ccubed and me at District 3 poll in @DePereWI at 7:05am; poll workers doing great job; line moving well #vote #wivote

1:09pm Nov 6 2012 —

WI Supreme Court: Kloppenburg 50%, Prosser 50%; Prosser leads by 585 votes; 99% reporting #wivote #election

6:02am Apr 6 2011 —

WI Supreme Court, Brown County voters only: Kloppenburg 45%, Prosser 55%; Prosser by 6,113 votes; 100% reporting #wivote #election

11:07pm Apr 5 2011 —