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donating blood at Our Lady of Lourdes in @DePereWI; make an appt to donate anywhere in the U.S. today

12:00pm Dec 29 2010 —

with Globetrotters celebrating 85 yrs, cool to see Packers #85 Greg Jennings play with them in Green Bay last night

9:01am Dec 29 2010 —

@cjensen7575 @skjensen FYI: Black and Tan Grille moved from De Pere to downtown Green Bay a couple years ago

in reply to ChrisFJensen — 2:52am Dec 29 2010 —

Drew Smith from FOX11 played for the Generals in the Globetrotters game tonight; expecting some coverage shortly on FOX11

9:43pm Dec 28 2010 —

final from Resch Center in Green Bay: Harlem Globetrotters 94, Washington Generals 83; oh yeah!

9:18pm Dec 28 2010 —

at the Resch Center in Green Bay, waiting for the Globetrotters

6:49pm Dec 28 2010 —

dinner with Mom, then the Globetrotters! pumped

4:50pm Dec 28 2010 —

just watched Back To The Future, for about the 20th time; also saw that town square many times on the Universal Studios tour in Hollywood

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