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@tsand good times

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@sncsid he had the coolest mound fight ever; don’t remember the batter, but after getting hit, he charged the mound…

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@RichfieldWis not that I heard; organizers contacted me last year, but not this year; hmm

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RT @JStrommen: “I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them.” -Ian Fleming #quote

11:04am Jan 31 2018 —

a great story about what’s going on downtown @DePereWI, including real examples of how we’re spending our stadium s…

7:34am Jan 31 2018 —

special @DePereWI city council meeting tonight at 6pm, liquor license hearing for two entities: @DollarGeneral and…

5:54pm Jan 30 2018 —

Mike Hamerlik, @WPS_HS President/CEO, on Obamacare: “for every dollar we were bringing in we were paying out $1.20;…

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RT @NDDPRaiders: Happy Catholic Schools Week! #catholicschoolsweek

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RT @DanlAMayer: Thanks Apple for standardizing on one interface ^^

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@seancrev you’re freaking me out little bro; had to check my archive, but I posted the same thing on Facebook back…

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