Tweet Archive for August 2016

oohhhhhh, thanks Krissy

5:42pm Aug 31 2016 —

interesting discussion on solidarity in current times happening now at the @stnorbert Campus Center

5:34pm Aug 31 2016 —

hey @McD_NEWUP, been talking to neighbors; service not good lately at @DePereWI store on Main Ave; hoping change is in store @sncsid

9:30am Aug 31 2016 —

same with me couple days ago; even simplified my order while in line to just burgers/fries; still messed it up

10:53pm Aug 30 2016 —

RT @RachelLCoppola: Don’t give up if you fail. Try again and keep going!

10:49pm Aug 30 2016 —

thanks; not to be difficult, I just don’t know what that sport is, “gold”; but cool they did well!

10:45pm Aug 30 2016 —

RT @Deadspin: Green Bay is a disgusting fraud populated by cheese-drinking losers. The Packers suck:…

7:57pm Aug 30 2016 —

RT @reidbrokeit: VMware fired the entire team that develops Fusion and Workstation. You can upgrade to the newest version for free now! But…

7:56pm Aug 30 2016 —

pretty cool; what sport?

7:49pm Aug 30 2016 —

haven’t been to the new location yet; but crap, I have a lunch mtg

6:58pm Aug 30 2016 —