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congrats Tess; it’s a great day to be a Knight!

7:34am Aug 29 2016 —

RT @sncits: our new ITS Mobile Service Desk with @TaylorJadin at the helm was a hit today while freshmen moved in

6:16pm Aug 25 2016 —

RT @sncits: and we even provide tech service at our Service Desk at @stnorbert Cofrin Hall @neilamonst3r @TaylorJadin @KheenanH https://t.c…

3:18pm Aug 25 2016 —

helped a student setup devices today @stnorbert; loved the sound of his Samsung sound bar; gotta get me one

1:49pm Aug 25 2016 —

making it look easy, serving @stnorbert students with @BBFalk @ECwagner @JessieDeschane and a non-tweeter

1:47pm Aug 25 2016 —

RT @GoldenAthlete: First full day of college at St. Norbert College! Let’s do this

1:40pm Aug 25 2016 —

stop by; I’ll give you the tour (and I’ll buy you lunch)

1:40pm Aug 25 2016 —

RT @sncits: we provide tech services for all species; @TaylorJadin got Abbey all set with wifi outside Gehl-Mulva Science bldg…

10:48am Aug 25 2016 —

RT @sncits: it’s freshmen move in day; so @TaylorJadin is out helping students with the ITS Mobile Service Desk!

10:39am Aug 25 2016 —

that’s @CaseyGates43 and @ninanolanrouse working late tonight in Cofrin Hall; major updates to @stnorbert web site

9:44pm Aug 24 2016 —