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RT @seancrev: Merry Christmas, everyone! #bestdayoftheyear

9:26am Dec 25 2011 —

thanks to our fine Facilities folks, I fired up a new @stnorbert webcam today

4:39pm Dec 22 2011 —

RT @ecwagner: A big happy birthday to @jeffritter !

4:22pm Dec 22 2011 —

early signs of an ice skating rink at St. Norbert College

4:16pm Dec 22 2011 —

peace is the feeling today at St Norbert College

4:08pm Dec 22 2011 —

if ever there’s a time when the @stnorbert campus is a ghost town, it’s the day before the day before Christmas Eve

3:20pm Dec 22 2011 —

@hops_pop no, apparently no one will be walking on water, ground only

in reply to Hops_Pop — 12:34pm Dec 22 2011 —

James Boyd speaking at De Pere Riverwalk groundbreaking

12:07pm Dec 22 2011 —

Why Walmart is better than ShopKo: I’ve never pulled up to Walmart at 7:30am 3 days before Christmas only to find they don’t open ’til 8.

7:34am Dec 22 2011 —

RT @jefflast: RT @stormyweather25: KTLA weatherman throws a fit and walks off

7:56pm Dec 21 2011 —