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@ECwagner thanks, good team indeed; hope my earlier tweet didn’t come off as a slam on @ninanolan; if so, I’m sorry, she doesn’t deserve it

in reply to ECwagner — 6:00pm Aug 31 2009 —

now that summer’s over, there are only 68 more days ’til my birthday; just sayin’

6:00pm Aug 31 2009 —

@ninanolan sorry, didn’t mean it this way; I just tried to share the info with someone today, and found nothing on the art gallery site; thx

in reply to ninanolanrouse — 6:00pm Aug 31 2009 —

RT @PatHop: School starts tomorrow here in @deperewi…and this time of year, this one never gets old for me:

6:00pm Aug 31 2009 —

@gegere huh?

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RT @wbay2: historical @packers photos displayed at @stnorbert <- should be something on the snc web site about this 🙁

6:00pm Aug 31 2009 —

@angenette5 Mercury Marine offered a deal to stay in FDL; shame on the union for voting “no” in this economy; sad loss for Wisconsin jobs

in reply to Angenette5 — 6:00pm Aug 31 2009 —

@billyadams yeah, I was just being an idiot; I read your tweet a couple times before I realized he must have been a judge

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Our Lady of Lourdes choir practice in @deperewi; the season begins!

6:00pm Aug 31 2009 —

RT @Vonage_Voice: Great news: Apple approved Vonage’s mobile application for iPhone & iPod Touch!

6:00pm Aug 31 2009 —