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this is the squirrel that fried at the Oak St substation yesterday, causing the power outage in west De Pere

7:38am Nov 30 2010 —

hostage situation at Marinette High School has ended; no injuries; teacher and all 23 students safe

8:29pm Nov 29 2010 —

@cody_rose how can I see the photo of the squirrel?

8:18pm Nov 29 2010 —

@seancrev continued prayers; the brief updates are great

in reply to seancrev — 7:33pm Nov 29 2010 —

student holding classroom hostage right now at Marinette High School, 59 miles north of De Pere

7:31pm Nov 29 2010 —

heard through the grapevine that a squirrel lost his life at the WPS Oak St substation this afternoon, causing the power outage in De Pere

6:05pm Nov 29 2010 —

RT @joe_carney: 10 mistakes every programmer makes <- good thing I don’t make any programming mistakes

4:42pm Nov 29 2010 —

@pioneercu that link seems to be broke

in reply to CapitalCU — 4:15pm Nov 29 2010 —

follow tweets about the De Pere power outage here:

4:08pm Nov 29 2010 —

RT @stnorbert: Classes will proceed as scheduled. RT @stnorbert: Power has been restored to the campus

3:34pm Nov 29 2010 —