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oh, okay, so that’s where the football field logo is supposed to go

5:45pm Sep 30 2011 —

RT @shannonryu: @crevier go phantoms!

5:42pm Sep 30 2011 —

my great great grandparents at Duvall Cemetary

8:52am Sep 30 2011 —

taking a ride up to Kewaunee County, WI today to check out the old farms where my Belgian ancestors settled in the 1850s

7:40am Sep 30 2011 —

thanks to Deb from @Prevea for spending the lunch hour with us, talking to @stnorbert staffers about “Eating and Stress”

11:55am Sep 28 2011 —

just got back from another fantastic Common Prayer during Sacred Hour at @stnorbert

10:00am Sep 28 2011 —

it’s Wednesday, it’s 10:00am, it’s Sacred Hour on the @stnorbert campus

9:00am Sep 28 2011 —

RT @seancrev Anyone know a decent iPhone app for google docs? <- I use Notemaster on my iPod touch; love it!

10:11pm Sep 27 2011 —

@FreightAgents the US Commerce Association award is bogus

4:05pm Sep 27 2011 —

sitting in the Brown County Courthouse jury assembly room, waiting to find out what’s up for the day

7:08am Sep 27 2011 —